Infant Session Info



The best time to schedule your infant session is around your childs 3, 6,9, 12 month ages but of course can be done at anytime! 6 and 12 month are the most popular. (Please see below for more information on the 12 month Cake Smash Session)


Theses sessions are perfect for capturing your little ones as they grow and change. Any parent will know how quickly their little will change even from day to day. The point of these sessions are to capture your little one who they are at that exact moment. There expressions, faces, and personality. Most parents want images of their little ones smiling and all happy, most of the time we can capture at least a couple of these. If your child is more shy, serious, ect then that is what we will capture as this will really show the honest nature of your child.


Each session will showcase your childs unique developmental stage. For example, 3 month sessions we will have your child both propped up on their back as well as "tummy time" shots. 6 month sessions will have your child sitting either on their own or in sometype of prop if they need assistance. 9 month sessions will include both sitting and assisted standing positions. Finally, 12 month session will showcase your childs standing and walking. Don't worry if your child does not meet any of these stages as every child is different. These are just examples of how we can capture your little one being their individual self!


All sessions (except 3 month sessions) can be done either at my home studio or at an outside location. 3 Month sessions are too hard to capture outside of the studio as your child most likley can not sit or hold their head up for the entire session.


It is best to schedule your session at least 2-3 weeks in advance to make sure that I have availability for the time time period that you request. Unless I am completely swamped, I will never turn you away no matter when you schedule. It just may need to be a little earlier or later depending on my availibility. 

Cake Smash Session Info



The best time to schedule your Cake Smash session is a couple of weeks before their 1st Birthday but of course it can be done at anytime! Cake Smash session are so fun! We will take a few shots before we really get into the cake for some nice 1 year photos and then we will bring out the cake!


Choosing an outfit for your baby is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a cake smash session. We will have a pre-session consultation before your session to discuss what colors you would like to include in your session so that we can corrdinate that cake accordingly for a more cohesive look.



Here are a few tips on selecting your childs clothing for the session:


-Choose colors that match or complement the colors of the cake

-Ruffles, tulle, ribbon, and lace look fabulous on camera. As does jean, corderoy, and suede.

- Try to steer avoid dark colors such as dark grey, black, navy, and dark brown. Bright white should also be avoided.

-Off white, cream, pastel, or bright colors look best

-Avoid items that could be damamged or that you don't want to get cake or frosting on

-Make sure the outfit is washable

- And of course a tutu, diaper cover, cloth diaper or plain diaper is always a favorite


If you session is not at my home studio please bring lots of clean-up material to make sure baby is clean and happy after the cake smash. The smashing session may not last more than a few minutes and it is best to be prepared for clean up as soon as we finish.



What to bring:


-3 outfits, 1 for the "before" cake smashing photos, 1 for "during" cake smashing photos, and 1 for "after" so your little one has clean dry clothes that aren't covered in frosting and cake. (Of course your before and during outfit can be the same if you wish)

-Several clean bath towels for cleanup

-Baby wipes

-Bottle water


Optional items:

-Personal items to include in the session

-A roll of paper towels for cleanup

-Gentle soap for cleanup



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